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A revolutionary way of raising attainment and achievement for all.

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Whoever you are and wherever you learn…


Dramatically improve literacy levels and accelerate learning, leading to greater achievement and attainment.

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Training learners to overcome historic barriers to literacy and unlock future learning and life chances.

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Support and accelerate learning in your home, with specialist instruction online.

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Lexonik: literacy at the speed of sound

Lexonik is the only literacy intervention to increase reading ages by 27 Months in just 6 weeks*

Using a combination of unique resources and instruction, Lexonik improves literacy levels, vocabulary and comprehension, and accelerates learning for all.

Whether you are a school leader, teacher, student or parent, Lexonik can provide the solution you have been seeking. Suitable for even the most able of leaners, Lexonik provides an intensive boost to existing literacy and vocabulary levels, enhancing engagement comprehension, confidence and success.

*Confirmed by Northumbria University Research 2015

  • Lexonik delivers instant impact on literacy. Additional benefits include greater vocabulary understanding, comprehension, spelling and above all, confidence!
  • A unique mix of fast, focused and fun learning methodologies means that Lexonik is an enjoyable way for students to gain critical decoding and vocabulary skills.
  • Access to Lexonik Cloud, the online resource which supports teaching and learning for all age groups. Teachers can create subject-specific vocabulary lists and access 1000s of resources.
  • No other teaching programme makes such a difference in such a short space of time.
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What others have to say

When we first started talking with Sound Training about Lexonik, I remember thinking the claims of massive improvements in reading age in such short amounts of time were impossible. We now have the evidence; it really is.

Lexonik is achieving way beyond what I ever thought possible. I had faith, but results are simply incredible. These are not confident kids; they have had every intervention going, but this is a life changer.

I noticed a huge improvement in Niamh’s confidence and understanding. She used to rely heavily on us to complete homework, but since taking part in Lexonik she is able to complete and understand her homework with minimal support.

Samantha Satyanadhan
Assistant Principal
Weavers Academy Wellingborough

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Lexonik: literacy at the speed of sound.

LKMCo: the relationship between reading age, education and life outcomes

Reading ability has a considerable impact on both educational attainment and wider life outcomes. Research finds robust associations between reading age/ability and educational success, and reading enjoyment and reading behaviour appear to be key in this relationship. Reading ability affects attainment in literacy and, due to the need to read to gather information and understand examination instructions, reading ability also affects attainment across the curriculum. Excerpt from LKMCo Literature review 2016.

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