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About Lexonik

We believe that literacy levels impact not only upon success within education, but on employment opportunities, career advancement and ultimately personal fulfillment and life chances.

Lex - Meaning: a system of laws. Intended also to suggest ‘Lexicon’ as in vocabulary.

onik - chosen for sound quality - and the end section of sonic for the fast nature of the product.

About us

Regardless of their start in life, we want all individuals to have access to Lexonik, a positive educational experience, which we have proven can be life changing.

Lexonik, by award winning company Sound Training, is a revolutionary way of raising attainment and achievement. Using a combination of unique resources and instruction, Lexonik has been improving literacy and accelerating learning for learners of all ability, across the UK and beyond.

Whether you are a school leader, teacher, student or parent, Lexonik can provide the solution you have been seeking. Suitable for even the most able of learners, Lexonik provides an intensive boost to existing literacy and vocabulary levels, enhancing engagement, comprehension, confidence and success.

Unique in its approach and delivery, Lexonik promotes reading for knowledge, fluency of decoding and word mastery. Through specific targeted instruction and fun exercises and activities, Lexonik teaching focuses on the structure of the English language at a range of age appropriate levels, suitable for learners aged 10 and above, across a whole range of learning settings.

This is the best intervention I’ve ever delivered, students love it, it really works.
– Alison Leader, Nunthorpe Academy
Former teacher Katy Parkinson, founder of Sound Training and Lexonik, initially developed our unique range of activities and resources in response to the needs of underachieving students in the North East of England.
Partnerships with schools across England followed as the intensive training provided to teachers and students gained credibility and consistently high results were delivered.
As a result of the growing international success of the highly structured and prescriptive teaching programme, over 50,000 students have now improved their literacy and life chances.

Be part of our success

This is only the beginning. Are you ready to accelerate learning in your school or training setting? Be part of our success!


What others have to say

When we first started talking with Sound Training about Lexonik, I remember thinking the claims of massive improvements in reading age in such short amounts of time were impossible. We now have the evidence; it really is.

We've been blown away by Lexonik Advance! The scores the pupils have been achieving are amazing and there is a buzz around the school. Other members of staff are starting to take notice and it's being recognised in other lessons. We absolutely love the Lexonik Advance programme and will definitely be renewing our licence.

The investment we have made in Lexonik has been worth every penny. We have put all Year 9 students through Lexonik and we have seen dramatic results. The organisation is a delight to work with and the training that they provide with ongoing support is second to none.

Our team

We believe that literacy and life chances go hand in hand. Meet our dedicated team, all of whom are passionate about helping our customers benefit from the impact Lexonik has on learners worldwide.

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Support & FAQs

Got questions? No problem. Take a look at our FAQs to find the answer you need. Or feel free to get in touch. Our friendly Partnership Coordinators are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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What is Lexonik?

Lexonik is the revolutionary way of raising attainment and achievement for all. Lexonik is literacy at the speed of sound.

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