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What is Lexonik

The teaching programme for literacy that is achieving amazing results worldwide.

Lexonik is a fast, focused and fun teaching programme that dramatically and rapidly improves literacy, vocabulary, and comprehension. Enjoyable for all ages and all students, it stretches everyone, allowing them to succeed at a higher level than they are currently achieving. The face to face sessions are prescriptive, intensive and highly effective and for this reason are delivered by experienced, trained teachers to groups of four students.

Research shows that direct teaching and repetition is key if pupils are to master their own learning. With this in mind, Lexonik incorporates:

  • small intensive, targeted group work
  • repetition and reinforcement
  • encouragement of active recall
  • speaking and listening activities
  • lively energetic teaching at a rapid pace
  • multi-sensory activities so that pupils experience hearing, saying and doing within the same activity.

Lexonik is based around the following five key areas:

Setting high expectations
Building self-belief and aiming high.

Developing root-word knowledge and an understanding of how prefixes and suffixes alter meaning.

The awareness and understanding of how you think.

Direct teaching, repetition and speed is key if students are to master their own learning.

Phonological awareness
Awareness and manipulation of the sound structure held within speech.

How is Lexonik delivered?

  • The teaching programme consists of one hour blocks over six weeks, complementing core learning and delivering rapid results.
  • Taught in small groups with a 4:1 student-teacher ratio, internationally proven to be the most beneficial for effective learning.
  • Lexonik is a face-to-face programme. Instant feedback means instant results and an immediate confidence boost.
  • With Lexonik, results are guaranteed.

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