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Lexonik Spell

Lexonik Spell Home Study

A fast, fun and effective approach to help children learn the 12 most common rules of spelling.

Lexonik Spell Home Study

Designed to allow any parent to use this home-schooling opportunity to supercharge a child’s spelling skills, Lexonik Spell Home Study helps parents boost their child’s spelling confidence; taking both child and parent through the 12 most common spelling rules and securing them so memorising tricky word lists is a thing of the past.

Lexonik Spell Home Study comes with everything you need to support you and your child in the practise and learning of spelling rules, removing the need for time consuming preparation. The instruction manual and teaching aids ensure no parent feels out of their depth in supporting their child through the process. Most adults were never taught spelling in a way that our children now are, so Lexonik Spell Home Study is here to develop and support both parent and child.

Rules covered:

  • Single, single, double it
  • Knock off the /e/ and add the suffix
  • Adding /ly/ /ness/ and /ment/ to words
  • Adding /ing/ and /ed/ to two syllabled words
  • Adding /y/ to the ends of words
  • Adding suffixes to words ending in /y/
  • Adding prefixes to words
  • Making regular singular nouns into plurals
  • Making regular singular nouns into plurals when they end in /fe/ /y/ or /o/
  • Using apostrophes to show omissions
  • Using apostrophes to show possession or ownership
  • The /i/ before /e/ rule
  • Soft /C/ and /G/ rule

The Lexonik Spell Home Study Programme Includes: 

  • Instruction manual guiding you through how to teach each spelling rule 
  • Step by step instructions on how to learn each rule with your child 
  • A comprehensive set of laminated spelling rule cards and prompt sheets to support you in learning spelling together 
  • A sequence of activities and worksheets to develop understanding and confidence 
  • Periodic tests and mini assessments to ensure progress plus answers grids 
  • Downloadable flashcards to print off and use at home 
  • Access to support videos 


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