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How it all began

The Sound Training and Lexonik story

Northumbria University summary of Sound Training data analysis

In March 2015, Northumbria University carried out a piece of research which confirmed that the average reading age gain, across all abilities, after 6 hours of Sound Training was 27 months.

LKMCo: the relationship between reading age, education and life outcomes

Reading ability has a considerable impact on both educational attainment and wider life outcomes. Research finds robust associations between reading age/ability and educational success, and reading enjoyment and reading behaviour appear to be key in this relationship. Reading ability affects attainment in literacy and, due to the need to read to gather information and understand examination instructions, reading ability also affects attainment across the curriculum. Excerpt from LKMCo Literature review 2016.

LKMCo 2016 Impact evaluation of prison programme pilot

LKMCo 2016 Impact Evaluation of Prison Programme Pilot
by Ellie Mulcahy and Loic Menzies

The Sound Training programme was piloted in three reform prisons with delivery taking place over a six week period. This evaluation assesses the impact of the programme on the following learner outcomes: reading ability, confidence, self-efficacy, attitudes to reading and education.