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Another vocabulary lightbulb moment!

Published on: Thursday 15th November 2018

Posted in:  News

There are many articles on the importance of literacy skills and the vocabulary gap in the educational press at the moment. @greg_ashman tweeted this morning “Yes, the vocabulary gap is unfair. What are we going to do about it?’

To which I replied, ‘I know what @LexonikST and @LexonikGlobal are doing about it, delivering fast, focused and fun lessons to over 60,00 students. It includes a modern version of traditional #Latin. Comments from our students include – thought-provoking, wicked, creative, different.’

We are constantly seeing that lightbulb moment when a student just ‘suddenly gets it’ and starts to understand how our language works and how they start to build their own vocabulary knowledge. But don’t just take my word for it. Please read on.

“I was an Assistant Headteacher and Curriculum Leader for RE (Philosophy & Ethics) at Norham High school. Following one of the exams; a pupil approached to tell me that he had been thrown by one of the questions. The question asked the pupil to consider what arguments ‘proponents’ of assisted suicide would put forward. The pupil did not understand the term ‘proponent’ and similarly I had not used this in my lesson planning as it was not a term that regularly appeared in texts or via classroom discussion.

 The pupil had been doing Lexonik by Sound Training in the school and told me that he was able to use his ST skills and said “Well I worked out that ‘pro’ means you are ‘for’ something; and opponent is when you oppose something. So I worked out from the meaning of the words that proponent must mean that group of people that are arguing in support of something. So I wrote a massive paragraph saying why people would support euthanasia and assisted dying in this country” Sean Harris, North East Area Director for Ambition School Leadership

Lexonik really works!