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Lexonik Develop. The new Professional Development Product from Lexonik.

Published on: Thursday 16th May 2019

Posted in:  News , In the spotlight

The continued and focused development of our teachers and facilitators has never been more crucial. With an international teacher recruitment and retention concern, schools and the education system have to invest in its teachers with dedication and commitment to everyone’s continued development. Lexonik Develop is an ever-growing series of professional development units and modules to help teachers, support staff and school leaders to choose areas of development to address teacher, student and whole school progress. Currently we have the following developmental programmes available:

Lexonik Spelling provides effective strategies and resources to use when teaching spelling. In 2 hours the four most common instructions are covered but the focuses is on twelve common spelling rules. The session is an interactive, practical and engaging exploration on how to explicitly teach spelling. We provide a comprehensive spelling manual along with all the resources required to deliver to small intervention groups; whole mainstream classes and across the curriculum.

Lexonik Vocabulary provides effective strategies and resources to support the explicit teaching and mapping of vocabulary across the curriculum. Lexonik methodologies as well as other explicit vocabulary instructions are explored, along with an opportunity to begin investigating how to map vocabulary across the curriculum and upskill all staff so the teaching of vocabulary is recognisable and rigorous. We recommend a day is spent exploring this vital area, however this can be alter depending on need.

Lexonik Consult provides a 1:1 critical friend to work with chosen teams or individuals to review and explore a school’s current curriculum offer at faculty, subject or whole school level. Lexonik Consult provides a forum to explore how the curriculum is mapped; reviewing the suitability of assessments and challenge from a literacy and vocabulary perspective or whole curriculum.

Literacy for All Lexonik offers a half day of Professional Development – Supporting ALL students including students with dyslexia. Lexonik Develop provides both theoretical and practical approaches necessary to support primary and secondary students with a wide a range of abilities and needs including dyslexia. The session will include ideas and strategies to use with students and demonstrations of how to effectively use the pack of resources which can be used in the classroom immediately.