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What did Lexonik Achieve at Cottingham High School?

Literacy Programme


The school’s objective was to better support pupil premium pupils. Lexonik was regarded as a proven method of improving pupils’ reading ages and vocabulary knowledge.


Four teachers attended two day’s training at their school in June 2016 and started delivering the programme to groups of Y11 pupil premium pupils. In the first term, each trained teacher delivered to one group of pupils for 6 weeks and then to another group of pupils as and when timetabling allowed. Two of the trained teachers were NQTs, one was a Lead Practitioner for English and the other was Assistant Head of English. To date, 118 pupils have been through the programme from Y7, Y10 and Y11.


The average reading gain of the 118 pupils that have been through the Lexonik programme is 24 months. The Lead Practitioner’s average reading age gain for her pupils is 30 months. The trained teachers can see an impact in their English lessons in terms of the vocabulary knowledge of the pupils who have accessed the programme.

The Assistant Head of English and Lead Practitioner have also delivered staff training on the website resources available.

Next Steps

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