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What was the Impact of Lexonik at Lozells Primary School?


Lozells Primary School is on a multi-school site in inner–city Birmingham. The school shares a site with Holte School, who also deliver Lexonik. The student population includes a high proportion of children for whom English is not their first language and as a consequence the school’s focus on Literacy is needed. There are also socio-economic barriers to learning. Lexonik was identified as a potential solution to deliver improvements in literacy attainment.    

Literacy Programme


The primary objective in implementing the Lexonik Programme was to raise the level of literacy attainment among a student population with many EAL students. The school was also looking forward to experiencing an overall improvement in academic achievement across the curriculum.


Two members of staff were trained to deliver the Lexonik Programme and have completed their certification days during the current academic year. The Lexonik Programme has been delivered to students from Year 5. From February 2018, they will also deliver Lexonik to Year 6. Both members of staff have faced scheduling challenges and would appreciate one regular location to run the Lexonik lessons. The school’s new leadership team is helping them to make progress in both areas.


Of the students that have now completed the Lexonik Programme, the average reading age gain has been 22 months. One student has experienced a reading age gain of 48 months and is absolutely delighted with his progress.  

Next Steps

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