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'Since debuting Lexonik Sound Training back in September 2017, the students here at Staffordshire University Academy have benefitted greatly in many areas. Working regularly with students who have completed the programme, we have noticed progress in several areas, but most notably:

Increased knowledge of vocabulary through the teaching of prefixes and suffixes.
Students able to not only read unfamiliar or subject specific words, but being able to decode the understanding of the word through their Lexonik training.
Confidence with reading throughout the curriculum.

We initially targeted Y11 and the students in this year group have found the course extremely beneficial, particularly with the literacy-heavy questions they face in GCSE exams across all subjects. The students have enjoyed the programme and many have actually requested to continue after the six weeks.

Results have been nothing short of remarkable. Across all year groups, we have seen an average reading age gain of 58 months and Standardised Score gain of 26 points.

Following our training, we as staff have found Lexonik easy to deliver as the resources are all pre-prepared, high quality and engaging - saving us valuable planning time.'

George Massey, Staffordshire University Academy

Staffordshire University Academy

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" The students have really enjoyed the lessons and every student has improved their reading age by at least 4 years."

Nicola Burgess
Learning Support Assistant
Melior Community Academy

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