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One of OFSTED's key findings was that 'Teachers pay meticulous attention to improving pupils' literacy skills' and that 'development of pupils' key literacy skills, including reading, is impressive. Students rapidly gain the skills needed to be successful in their learning.' Undoubtedly, Sound Training plays an important part in this.'

Ian Jones
The Orchard School

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We wanted something to boost the literacy levels of our pupils across the spectrum from low to high ability. We have struggled to find the right programme for our pupils because so many secondary school literacy programmes are too childish. We wanted something that wasn’t like that.

Sophie Lovatt
Head of whole school literacy
The Bourne Academy

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The girls' reading ages have exponentially grown from an average of 11 years at the end of May to 16-17 years at the end of July - amazing! In addition, the confidence they have exhibited has impacted not only on their English grades, but in all aspects of their curriculum. They have said that they now feel much better about facing their GCSE courses in September.

Julie Bradley
Literacy TA
Glenmore and Winton Academies

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We plan to deliver this program all of our eighth graders next school year. We believe this remarkable program will help better prepare all of our students from high school, college and career success.

Joe Findlay
Noble High School, Maine, USA

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