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The training was incredibly informative. I learnt so much about decoding and how to teach students how to understand vocabulary.

Michelle Williams
The Octagon AP Academy

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Those 'lightbulb' moments are increasing weekly - a sure sign of personal development. Their enthusiasm is contagious and it's so interesting to watch them apply their skills in other aspects of their lives.

Ben Cooper
HMP Holme House

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There seems to be a buzz around school regarding Sound Training from the students that have completed the programme. They are eager to tell other students about it and are always amazed by how much they have improved.

Alison Peden
Training advisor
Melior Community Academy

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The scheme is brilliant. Training is effective and focused with a supportive and friendly atmosphere.

Barbara Scrivens
Alternative Provision

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Lots of practical hands on training (which I
usually dread), the quality of the content and knowledge of the trainer put me at great ease.

Steven Anderson


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