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It was great to see the students so engaged and pleased with themselves. Hollie went home on cloud nine!

Claire Whiley
Assistant Principal
Ormiston Park Academy

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We've been blown away by Lexonik Advance! The scores the pupils have been achieving are amazing and there is a buzz around the school. Other members of staff are starting to take notice and it's being recognised in other lessons. We absolutely love the Lexonik Advance programme and will definitely be renewing our licence.

Jennie Hick
Vice Principal
Mounts Bay Academy

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Once a week a dyslexic Yr 9 student disappeared from my lesson to attend Lexonik Advance and within three weeks I saw a difference: she had confidence, she put her hand up in class, she constantly smiled but most importantly her reading AND spelling improved. Lexonik really does work magic!

Nikki Toohin
English Teacher
Archway School

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Pupils have really enjoyed Lexonik and we've booked more for the future. I would not hesitate to recommend Lexonik to other schools.

Sarah Tomlin
Literacy Coordinator
Beaufort Cooperative Academy

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The investment we have made in Lexonik has been worth every penny. We have put all Year 9 students through Lexonik and we have seen dramatic results. The organisation is a delight to work with and the training that they provide with ongoing support is second to none.

Blanche Southern
English teacher
Oaks Park High School

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