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What was the Impact of Lexonik at Parkfield Community School?


Parkfield Community School is a proud, founding member of the Excelsior Academy chain and is a very popular, large three-form entry primary school (with one year group having a fourth form) and a nursery. Parkfield is an inclusive school located in Saltley, Birmingham. Some students face multiple barriers to learning and Lexonik had been identified as a strategy to improve literacy attainment within the school.

Literacy Programme


The school has been using the programme as part of a range of strategies to raise attainment.


The Lexonik Programme was completed by twenty pupils in Year Five between 8-11-17 to 13-12-17. This was the seventh cohort at this school.


The average reading age gain across all cohorts (123 students) was 40 months.

Students were very receptive to the training and enjoyed their sessions. Here are a few direct quotes from students.

Khadijar said, ‘Lexonik is my favourite because I have learnt a lot and I am proud.’

Alisha said, ‘It has helped me with my learning and my reading.’

Khadija said, ‘I like it. It has helped me learn new and long words and helped me understand the words.’

Next Steps

Do you want to experience this kind of improvement in literacy attainment at your school? Or in your school district?

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* Thank you to Lynette Stables – Senco for providing detailed feedback and data.