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What did Lexonik Achieve at Shawfield Primary School?


Shawfield is a village primary school in Surrey with 200 children on roll and a relatively high proportion of children of Gypsy Roma Traveller heritage. Raising achievement in reading was a priority in our 2016/17 School Improvement Plan and the Senior Leadership Team decided to invest in Sound Training as an intervention for some of our Year 5 & 6 children.

Literacy Programme


To help raise reading standards in Years 5 and 6 by targeting those chi with weak phonological awareness and poor knowledge of phoneme-grapheme correspondence.


In September 2016 the school engaged a Sound Training teacher to deliver the programme to twenty of our Year 5/6 children once a week for 6 weeks. The children worked in groups of five for an hour in a quiet room next to the library. Teachers and Teaching Assistants took the opportunity to observe parts of each session in order to learn the strategies that were being employed and reinforce the work in the classroom. The children were tested using the nferNelson Single Word Reading Test both before and after the intervention.


At the end of the six weeks all twenty children had made accelerated progress, with the average reading age gain being 24 months. The children enjoyed the sessions and looked forward to going. The Sound Training teacher made the sessions enjoyable and established a good relationship with the children. Her written report about each individual was also extremely useful to the class teacher and the SENDCo.

During pupil conferencing sessions the children have been able to describe the strategies and concepts taught by the Sound Training teacher and, probably more importantly, have been observed using the strategies independently in the classroom.

As a result of this initial success the school has employed the Sound Training on two further occasions and will continue to do so if the need arises.

Next Steps

Do you want to experience this kind of improvement in literacy attainment at your school? Or in your school district?

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* Thank you to Debora Griffith – SENDCo for providing detailed feedback and data.