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The Bourne Academy, Bournemouth

We wanted something to boost the literacy levels of our pupils across the spectrum from low to high ability. We have struggled to find the right programme for our pupils because so many secondary school literacy programmes are too childish. We wanted something that wasn’t like that.

Sophie Lovatt
Head of whole school literacy
The Bourne Academy

Artist visualisation of The Bourne Academy buildings and grounds

Literacy programme


Our aim in introducing Lexonik was to overcome barriers to learning by providing pupils with the skills to tackle language head on, to raise self esteem, and to encourage better metacognition across the curriculum.


An initial cohort of 8 pupils were selected for Years 7-11, Three staff members were trained to deliver units KS3a, KS3b and KS4 across Years 7-11. Additional pupils were added to the initial cohort.


Across the entire 111 students trained the average reading age gain is 32.3 months. Pupils shared their success stories with their peers. Pupils who were yet to be trained began to request training, and were very keen to be put on the course. Each trained staff member now trains between 2 and 8 groups per week. Lexonik had the most impact on some of the most disengaged pupils. One pupil commented that Lexonik was “the most helpful thing I’ve ever done.”

Next Steps

Do you want to experience this kind of improvement in literacy attainment at your school? Or in your school district?

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We look forward to helping you improve student learning outcomes.

* Thanks to Sophie Lovatt of The Bourne Academy for providing very detailed feedback and data.