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What did Lexonik Achieve at Swanlea School?


Students at Swanlea School in Whitechapel, London were not meeting their literacy attainment targets; as a consequence, the school was keen to give its pupils additional support to raise reading ages, vocabulary knowledge and promote the understanding of academic language. There were many barriers to learning and Lexonik was identified as a possible solution.

Literacy Programme 


The school’s main objective was to raise literacy levels for students in Years 7 -10.  A significant number of Swanlea students have EAL, English is not the main language spoken at home. Many lacked the tools and experience to decode the meanings of words for themselves.


In 2015, the school purchased their Lexonik licence and selected 4 members of their staff to complete the two-day training to deliver the Lexonik programme. Very soon after the training, Swanlea began delivering Lexonik to all students in Years 7-10 who had been identified as being below their expected reading ages.  


The Lexonik Programme delivered reading age gains across all year groups with the biggest gains being evident within the younger year groups. The average reading age gains across all year groups was 17 months. The school has now created a number of initiatives to recognise the achievements of students who have completed the Lexonik Programme and to give them ongoing support. One example of this is Lexonik certificates, certificates that are presented to all who complete the course.

Next Steps

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