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What did Lexonik Achieve at TBAP, New Horizons?


Based in Warrington, TBAP New Horizons are an Alternative Provision School/Service. All of its pupils are facing emotional, social and behavioural challenges. Some have been identified as at risk of exclusion from mainstream schools and others already have been excluded. Therefore, each pupil faces multiple barriers to learning. New Horizons is part of TBAP and is recognised as an organisation that brings “neuro science and mind sight into schools.”

Literacy Programme


Their primary objective was to raise the level of literacy attainment all around the school.


Two teachers were trained and certified. They both began to deliver Lexonik during the run up to Christmas 2017 and have now completed their initial cohorts.


New Horizons have received their first post data and have been impressed with the results. Six pupils have been tested and the average reading age gain has been 39 months, with an average standardised score gain of 17.

Emma has observed how pupils have immediately transferred their improved literacy into other lessons. New Horizons are now keen to make greater use of the website and resources available.

Next Steps

Do you want to experience this kind of improvement in literacy attainment at your school? Or in your school district?

Call us on (+44) 01642 42 42 98 or email us via [email protected] to arrange our first meeting with you. We look forward to helping you improve student learning outcomes.

* Thank you to Emma Mitchell for providing detailed feedback and data.