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Walton Academy

Customer for 2 years

Lexonik is achieving way beyond what I ever thought possible. I had faith, but results are simply incredible. These are not confident kids; they have had every intervention going, but this is a life changer.

Steve Ruder
Walton County School District

I’ll take the reading age gains, but it’s the impact on exam grades that’s mind blowing – Sound Training has got to be the way forward!

Every educator wants to the affirmation that they have fostered success and achievement in their students, or perhaps they have changed the course of students’ future. Often they don’t have the luxury of that acknowledgement until long after students have graduated.

Students are saying to me “I finally have confidence in myself, to speak, to communicate, to read out loud”.

It’s worth every penny. This is the wisest decision of my career in regards to effecting change in my students.