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What was the Impact of Lexonik at Washwood Heath Academy?


Washwood Heath Academy (WHA) is located in the Stechford area of Birmingham and has a student population of approximately 1400 pupils between 4 and 18 years of age. Staff from WHA initially received their Lexonik training in 2016.

Literacy Programme


WHA’s primary objective was to raise the level of literacy attainment in the school and Lexonik is one of the strategies being implemented to achieve this improvement.


The school are using Lexonik with a variety of year groups and have in the past used it as part of their revision for Year 11. They hope to focus more on KS3.


WHA have been impressed with the results that they have received so far and have committed themselves to implementing Lexonik until 2020.

The average reading age gain across all completed cohorts has been 38 months. WHA plans to have more staff trained to deliver Lexonik and to continue to make full use of the website resources available.

Next Steps

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* Thank you to Sully Parvin for providing detailed feedback and data.