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When an individual has access to Lexonik, it can be life-changing.

We believe that literacy levels impact not only upon success within education, but on employment opportunities, career advancement and ultimately personal fulfillment and life chances.

Regardless of their start in life, we want all individuals to have access to Lexonik Adult Training, a positive educational experience, which we have proved can be life changing.

Available in a range of settings, Lexonik Adult Training provides the teaching and learning that those in alternative provision and training need to overcome historic barriers to literacy as well as learning and personal development in a wider sense and can open avenues which were previously never an option.

Lots of practical hands on training (which I usually dread), the quality of the content and knowledge of the trainer put me at great ease.

– Stephen Anderson, CentrePoint

Those ‘lightbulb’ moments are increasing weekly – a sure sign of personal development. Their enthusiasm is contagious and it’s so interesting to watch them apply their skills in other aspects of their lives.

– HMP Holme House

Watch the BBC Look North feature about the impact the programme has had at HMP Holme House:

They’re much more confident. For those that are on the Lexonik Adult Training programme, their confidence in decoding academic text has really increased.

Lexonik Adult Training for business: do you want your employees and apprentices to be the best they can be?

Are you prepared to invest in them in order to promote greater personal and professional success and job satisfaction? If the answer is yes, look no further than the life-changing Lexonik Adult Training programme, offering unique training to your workforce. In only 6 hours, up-skilling your people with the Lexonik Adult Training literacy improvement programme will make a dramatic difference to success and outcomes for apprentices and employees at all levels.

Lexonik Adult Training is the literacy training programme by award winning company Sound Training, which improves lives across the UK and beyond.

We deliver intensive training which is challenging, engaging and fun and helps adults to communicate more effectively and with greater confidence and clarity.

The training is highly effective as a stand alone programme or can be dovetailed into an existing learning schedule or development plan.

Lexonik Adult Training enables adults of all levels of ability to advance professionally, by providing specific training to develop literacy and communication skills and accelerates learning in a wide range of work and teaching settings.

The scheme is brilliant. Training is effective and focused with a supportive and friendly atmosphere.

– Barbara Scrivens

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