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Introducing Lexonik

Lexonik by Sound Training offers dramatic results and an instant impact on literacy with a variety of programmes that are perfect for you, whatever your teaching and learning setting.

Lexonik Advance is the unique literacy programme proven to dramatically and rapidly improve results.

Gives learners tools and methods to improve decoding, vocabulary and comprehension

Maximises potential and boosts attainment across the curriculum, in every subject, at every level.

Amazing results with an average reading age gain of 27 months after only 6 sessions.

Changing lives in schools across the UK, US and International schools globally.

The accessible and flexible training programme for teachers working with students with lower literacy levels.

Ideal for students who are experiencing difficulties acquiring basic skills in literacy and EASOL students.

One-day training gives you the methodology and resources to improve your students’ English language acquisition rapidly.

Improves reading, comprehension and oracy in just 5 teaching sessions.




The literacy programme that is showing exceptional results in a range of settings.

Proven to be life changing for adult learners by helping them overcome historic barriers to literacy.

Opens the door to future training opportunities by helping learners build a solid foundation in literacy.

Up-skill your workforce, staff and apprentices with essential skills in English.

Lexonik Adult Training is transformational and really does changes lives!


Lexonik Hub enables you to support the advancement of your child from the comfort of your own home.

Access live, intensive teaching of our unique literacy programme by specialist teachers.

Students are challenged and coached to develop specific skills which improve vocabulary, decoding and ultimately, improve results throughout the curriculum.

Lexonik Hub promotes rapid improvements and the best bit is, the students love it too!

Lexonik Cloud provides teachers with a classroom resource like no other. With a complete range of activities and exercises, Lexonik Cloud supports subject teaching across the curriculum, by developing vocabulary and comprehension which enhances learning.

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Where we work


Through only 6 hours of teaching (1 hour per week) Lexonik Advance provides students age 10 and above with the inspiration, challenge and targeted instruction to develop vocabulary, literacy and confident dramatically, resulting in accelerated learning and achievement.

Other settings

Lexonik Adult Training is aimed to improve adult literacy by supporting vocabulary development and decoding skills for those who are looking to upskill, return to further education or employment or are accessing alternative provision in any setting.


All parents want their child to achieve and reach their potential; so do we! Lexonik Hub is now providing you with the opportunity to support the advancement of your child, from the comfort of your own home.

Who will benefit?

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With these results - why would you NOT do Lexonik Advance?

Lexonik Leap EASOL training was one of the most valuable pieces of training I have received for EASOL teaching. Remarkably simple to use and deliver with quick results.

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