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Lexonik Spell

How can we help?

Our services include teacher-led programmes, training workshops, professional development and consultancy. Our literacy specialists will work with you to review priorities and agree the best approach.

Rapidly improve reading, spelling, vocabulary and comprehension, with average reading age gains of +27 months in just six one-hour sessions

Resolve phonics gaps for all learners, at any age

Embed a systematic approach for teaching spelling across the curriculum

Professional development courses providing powerful insight and strategies to maximise learning for all through literacy & vocabulary

Map and review reading, vocabulary and spelling skills and provision, to design a curriculum that transforms whole school literacy

Upskill adult learners with a solid foundation in literacy and essential English skills

A collection of free and paid for resources from Lexonik specially developed to support your child to master literacy from home with parental support

Join the experts at Lexonik in a variety of webinars exploring vocabulary, reading, spelling, dyslexia awareness and more. 

Who will benefit?

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With these results - why would you NOT do Lexonik Advance?

Lexonik Leap EASOL training was one of the most valuable pieces of training I have received for EASOL teaching. Remarkably simple to use and deliver with quick results.

Success stories