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Lexonik Advance

Lexonik Advance dramatically increases reading ages in your school. What are you waiting for? Higher levels of achievement and attainment await.

Lexonik Advance is the revolutionary literacy intervention that raises attainment and achievement for all. Lexonik Advance is literacy at the speed of sound.

Who is Lexonik Advance for?

Beneficial for even the brightest of students, Lexonik programmes provide individuals with the strategies they need to achieve higher results and maximise potential. Suitable for mainstream students from age 9 upwards, programmes are tailored to the appropriate Key Stage to enhance exam results and work readiness for all.

Lexonik Advance is particularly beneficial for any students who need to improve their vocabulary or reading fluency, particularly those who are not making expected progress across the curriculum. Often these are students who are currently working below the expected level. It is also suitable for students expected to make better than average progress, who are not reaching their full potential but who could achieve even higher levels of attainment.

Lexonik Advance has been shown to instantly impact vocabulary and literacy for pupils age 10 and 11 to ensure they are ready for secondary school. Lexonik Advance delivers instant impact on your pupils’ reading skills and confidence.

Analysis by Northumbria University in 2015 found that students of all ages make significant progress, but those who make the greatest gains made by students who are in their early teenage years (due to the gap between chronological and reading age widening). Lexonik Advance can dramatically and rapidly lift attainment levels for your KS3, 4 and 5 students and make sure they’re exam-ready. The literacy programme delivers instant impact on vocabulary and literacy skills and delivers measurable results right across the curriculum.

How does Lexonik Advance work?

Using a unique combination of prescriptive delivery methodology and resources based on years of research, Lexonik Advance trains learners to develop phonological awareness (speech sounds) and how to make links between unknown words, looking for the meanings of common prefix, root words and suffix definitions. This method of instruction will empower them to develop their own vocabulary knowledge and learn independently, away from their teachers. Teaching the meanings of root words, prefixes and suffixes instantly promotes vocabulary knowledge and therefore must be taught, and this is a key component of Lexonik Advance.

Lexonik methodologies also teaches metacognition – the understanding and awareness of how you think. This means that students develop the ability to figure out what they need to do for themselves, making them an independent learner, not waiting to be spoon-fed or at a loss when not provided with the answer.

Direct teaching, repetition and speed is key if students are to master their own learning. This is why automaticity is a critical component of the programme. With the Lexonik programmes, learners are very quickly able to decode complex vocabulary and apply this knowledge outside of Lexonik Advance training in every subject across the curriculum.

How is Lexonik Advance delivered?

Lexonik Licence 
An ideal CPD opportunity for your staff and the most cost effective way to deliver Lexonik to large numbers of students. We train your teachers to deliver Lexonik Advance with our prescriptive teaching methodology. This means that an unlimited number of your students could benefit from improved literacy, vocabulary, comprehension and above all, confidence with Lexonik.

Lexonik Intervention

Instantly target specific groups of pupils using our own team of qualified, experienced teachers.

Lexonik will dramatically improve literacy. Talk to us about which product would best meet your needs and budget. We can also discuss flexible payment options and M.A.T. discounts. Please see the Lexonik Leap page for information on our foundation programme for EASOL students or those with large gaps in their English language acquisition.

From only £118 to a maximum of £158 per pupil, there’s never been a better time to guarantee results. Talk to us today about raising attainment and achievement in your school or learning setting.


Who will benefit?

With a complete range of activities and exercises, Lexonik Cloud supports subject teaching in every classroom, right across the curriculum.

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Lexonik Advance is proven to raise reading ages by 27 months in just 6 weeks, validated by Northumbria University in 2015. If you're ready to raise attainment and achievement and improve life chances in your learning setting get in touch with us today.
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