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Lexonik Spell

Lexonik Cloud

Build subject specific vocabulary lists, access existing lists and resources, embed literacy right across the curriculum.

Lexonik Cloud provides teachers with an online classroom resource like no other. With a complete range of activities and exercises, Lexonik Cloud supports subject teaching across the curriculum, by developing vocabulary and comprehension which enhances learning.

With minimal cost yet expert training and instruction, your school can implement a school wide approach to literacy and vocabulary, using our unique, easy to use, whole class resources.

Our interactive vocabulary teaching tools can be used in a variety of ways to upskill teachers as well as engage learners of all ages and ability.

Access 1000s of resources including subject-specific vocabulary lists, videos showing spelling and grammar rules, build your own subject vocabulary list, access word definitions and learn the origins of word roots, suffixes and prefixes. Test your students’ knowledge as you teach!

Teachers love to use Lexonik Cloud, and students love to learn using the unique teaching activities. With so many resources at your finger tips, there’s never been a better time to embed ‘whole school literacy’ with Lexonik.