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Lexonik Hub

The home literacy tuition solution that will help your child achieve his or her full potential!

Regardless of the school your son or daughter attends, you need to know that they are developing the necessary skills to succeed academically and in life.  In order to achieve this, strong reading skills are vital, as they impact on learning in all core subjects.

Lexonik has been used in schools to raise achievement for students of all ability across the UK and internationally for the last 6 years. With over 50,000 students through the programme to date, results are incredible – the average reading age gain is 27 months, in only 6 weeks – that’s ONE HOUR PER WEEK!

Lexonik Hub home literacy tuition is suitable for learners aged 10 years and above particularly beneficial to those who are in transition to a new level study or working towards exams.

Lexonik Hub is now providing you with the opportunity to support the advancement of your child, from the comfort of your own home.

Live, intensive teaching of our unique literacy programme by specialist teachers delivers rapid improvements. Students are challenged and coached to develop specific skills which improve vocabulary, decoding and ultimately, improve results throughout the curriculum.

The best bit is, the students love it too!

If you would like to ensure that your child becomes a strong reader, develops critical communication skills and grows in confidence, you need Lexonik Hub, the inspirational home tutoring solution.


Who will benefit?

With a complete range of activities and exercises, Lexonik Cloud supports subject teaching in every classroom, right across the curriculum.

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Lexonik Advance is proven to raise reading ages by 27 months in just 6 weeks, validated by Northumbria University in 2015. If you're ready to raise attainment and achievement and improve life chances in your learning setting get in touch with us today.
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