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Lexonik Leap

For teachers and staff who support learners with limited literacy skills or English language acquisition, helping them to make dramatic, rapid progress.

Lexonik Leap is for EASOL learners or those with limited literacy and vocabulary.

Lexonik Leap is an accessible and flexible programme for teachers to help first-language students for whom literacy is very challenging, who have very low reading and comprehension levels in English, and also teachers working with EASOL students who need to acquire or improve English literacy and oracy.

Lexonik Leap is designed to be highly adaptive in order to identify and respond to the individual needs of every learner.

Lexonik Leap training for teachers provides the resources, diagnostic tools, strategies, knowledge and confidence required in order to effectively and rapidly teach fundamental English Language skills and promote access to wider learning and life opportunities.

Taught as an individual or small group intervention, the aim of Lexonik Leap is to support all students who require help to develop basic English literacy skills. It is highly effective for any student who experiences difficulties with basic reading and spelling tasks. In addition, it addresses some of the common language barriers faced by many including EASOL students by providing them with the scaffolding they need to make rapid improvement.

It is the essential first step in learning English. Students no longer feel lost; they can start to independently read words.

-Toyal Bayat, Highgate Wood School

I am yet to interact with a member of the Lexonik team who isn’t knowledgeable, fun and passionate about the work they do. I cannot wait to begin Lexonik Leap with our learners and enable them to both identify and close the gaps in their literacy knowledge; the key to unlocking their true potential.

-Stephanie Bond, The Bridge AP Academy

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Lexonik Leap Flyer & FAQs

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Lexonik Advance is proven to raise reading ages by 27 months in just 6 weeks, validated by Northumbria University in 2015. If you're ready to raise attainment and achievement and improve life chances in your learning setting get in touch with us today.
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