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Lexonik Prefix Practise

Lexonik Prefix Practise

Prefix knowledge and understanding is crucial when developing vocabulary proficiency and reading fluency. Having a firm knowledge and understanding of prefixes allows us to unpick and decode meaning from challenging vocabulary, enabling any reader to tackle academic texts.

The Lexonik Prefix Practise series guides you through an introduction and five step Prefix Practise process, empowering you to tutor your child in this vital life skill. The PDF downloads for the Prefix Practise programme, worth £15 are currently available for free, for a limited time only.

Lexonik Prefix Practise Manual – Free PDF Download

Lexonik Prefix Practise manual is a downloadable PDF, which supports you through the delivery of Prefix Practise at home. The manual includes a breakdown of each step, including suggested script to use with your child during each step.


Lexonik Prefix Practise Cards – Free PDF Download

To deliver Prefix Practise you will need a set of Prefix Practise coloured cards. They are available as a PDF download, currently FREE for you to print off and use at home.


Lexonik Prefix Practise Cards – Purchasable Set

The Lexonik Prefix Practise coloured cards used in the video are an optional purchase to supplement this programme. As an alternative to the download they can be purchased for £10, including postage and packaging.


Lexonik Prefix Practise Instructional Videos – Free to view

Lexonik Prefix Practise also includes instructional videos for an introduction to the series plus example of how to teach each step. The videos are available to click and play here or via YouTube.

An introduction to Lexonik Prefix Practise home study package.

The first step. Learn how to establish the meanings of prefix, working through our colour coded pack.

The second step. Learn how to match prefix with their definitions, gradually building understanding and recall.

The third step. Learn how to start to make connections to prefix and vocabulary, using probing questions to draw out understanding and vocabulary knowledge from your child.

The fourth step. Learn how to play a matching game with prefix, creating a prefix challenge and aiding memory recall.

The fifth and final step. Learn how to challenge your child to remembering the prefix at speed. Start with one pack and then increase the challenge.

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