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Lexonik for schools

Lexonik Advance, the unique, intensive teaching programme which improves decoding and reading fluency dramatically and rapidly.

United Kingdom

Lexonik Advance is the revolutionary literacy programme that's achieved incredible results since 2011, dramatically lifting literacy levels and accelerating learning, leading to greater academic success and improved life outcomes in schools across the UK.

UK Schools

United States

Lexonik Advance is the amazing literacy intervention that has seen tremendous success in the UK is now available in schools across the USA. Already working across 5 states, Lexonik is transforming student achievement like no other program.

US Schools


Proven to raise academic levels leading to even greater success for your students. Through innovative teaching and learning methodologies, Lexonik makes even higher levels of attainment achievable for international students.

International Schools

What schools are saying about us

The girls' reading ages have exponentially grown from an average of 11 years at the end of May to 16-17 years at the end of July - amazing! In addition, the confidence they have exhibited has impacted not only on their English grades, but in all aspects of their curriculum. They have said that they now feel much better about facing their GCSE courses in September.

When we first started talking with Sound Training about Lexonik, I remember thinking the claims of massive improvements in reading age in such short amounts of time were impossible. We now have the evidence; it really is.

I'm a New York cynic, but I've got to tell you, I've done my testing and this works. These students made significant progress.

Dr Randy Stafford
Director of Student Services
Walton County School District

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