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Support & FAQs

Got questions? We've got the answers. Take a look below or feel free to talk to our friendly Account Managers. We are just an email or call away!

General questions

Easy! Simply fill in the short enquiry form on the website and hit send. One of our Account Managers will talk you through the logistics and arrange a start date, based on availability in your area.

What sets us apart is the rapid progress made as a result of our unique, intensive delivery. We pride ourselves on our highly structured, supportive and challenging sessions, which apply a range of teaching strategies to develop automaticity and independent thinking.


Lexonik teaches students how to decode unfamiliar vocabulary. Other literacy programmes tend to focus on how to read whereas we focus on reading for understanding, as well as improving reading fluency. Our programme is often used to complement other literacy programmes, already integrated within schools.

Lexonik Cloud contains a host of easy-to-use online resources that support the explicit teaching of subject and cross curricular vocabulary as well as spelling, punctuation and grammar rules. These are available to all teachers in the school to strengthen and consolidate the teaching methods of Lexonik for those who have participated and are a wonderful way of exposing all students in the school to our methodology.  Using these unique resources throughout your school can improve vocabulary and literacy standards across the curriculum, easily and effectively.

Any students who need to improve their vocabulary or reading fluency, particularly those who are not making expected progress across the curriculum. Often these are students who are currently working below the expected level. It is also suitable for students expected to make better than average progress, who are not reaching their full potential but who could achieve even higher levels of attainment.

Anyone from age 10 upwards. All learners from upper primary through to sixth form and beyond. Adult learners in a range of alternative provision settings. We provide resources to support and challenge all learners of all ages, in a range of settings.

This intensive programme has been designed to be taught just once a week in one hour sessions in small groups. Dramatic results and reading age gains can be measured in just 6 short sessions.

Analysis by Northumbria University in 2015 found that students of all ages make significant progress, but those who make the greatest gains are in KS4 (due to the gap between chronological and reading age widening). 

We recommend that you consider the following:

  • Use existing data that suggests underachievement against expectations, either from subject areas, KS2 results or standardised tests like CATs
  • Students who appear reluctant to read aloud or where there is a discrepancy between their oral and class work (not just in English lessons)

We will supply you with a single word reading test (WRAT for secondary, SWRT for primary) to assess each student before and after participation in the programme, providing you with a measure of impact for each student. You may also wish to use your own tracking data and other assessments alongside this test.

Very much so. The sessions are ideal for students who speak English as a second language, for whom access to the curriculum is challenged by limited literacy. This can make a huge difference to the confidence of individuals, as a result of improved decoding. We also have a specific product, Lexonik Leap, for teachers working with students who have limited literacy levels.

The programme works extremely well with articulate dyslexic students, who are able to embrace and apply the strategies we teach. The programme develops the two main weaknesses that SpLD students often display – speed of processing and weak phonological skills – as well as using visual cues and developing thinking skills.

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Thank you for your interest in Lexonik. Please get in touch to learn more about how we can work with you to supercharge literacy.

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