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UK schools

The revolutionary teaching programme for schools in the UK, improving the literacy levels of your pupils and making achievement at higher levels possible for everyone through developing teacher effectiveness and expertise.

Are you a head teacher or literacy lead looking to raise attainment levels across all subjects? Lexonik is the revolutionary literacy solution you have been seeking. Lexonik Advance has been shown to raise reading ages by an average of 27 months in just 6 weeks. There is simply no other programme like it in the UK.

Suitable for even the most able of learners, Lexonik Advance provides an intensive boost to existing literacy and vocabulary levels, enhancing engagement comprehension, confidence and success.

Since 2011, Lexonik has made a huge impact on literacy in over 700 schools across the UK, with amazing results.

Unique in its approach and delivery, Lexonik promotes reading for knowledge, fluency of decoding and word mastery. Through specific targeted instruction and fun exercises and activities, Lexonik teaching focuses on the structure of the English language at a range of age appropriate levels, suitable for learners aged 9 and above, across a whole range of learning settings.

How is Lexonik Advance taught?

  • The teaching programme consists of one hour blocks over six weeks, complementing core learning and delivering rapid results.
  • Taught in small groups with a 4:1 student-teacher ratio, internationally proven to be the most beneficial for effective learning.
  • Lexonik is a face to face programme. Instant feedback means instant results and an immediate confidence boost.

Lexonik Advance is a brilliant addition to our curriculum provision. Both the Y6 pupils and their teachers are excited by its impact. The children enjoy going, can read more fluently and discuss greater meaning of a range of texts and the teachers are also noting a growing confidence in the class as well as higher levels of attainment across reading, writing and mathematics. It's definitely helping the children to be secondary ready.

Katrina Morley
Head Teacher
Pennyman Primary

With a complete range of activities and exercises, Lexonik Cloud supports subject teaching in every classroom, right across the curriculum.

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What schools are saying about us

Once a week a dyslexic Yr 9 student disappeared from my lesson to attend Lexonik Advance and within three weeks I saw a difference: she had confidence, she put her hand up in class, she constantly smiled but most importantly her reading AND spelling improved. Lexonik really does work magic!

We've been blown away by Lexonik Advance! The scores the pupils have been achieving are amazing and there is a buzz around the school. Other members of staff are starting to take notice and it's being recognised in other lessons. We absolutely love the Lexonik Advance programme and will definitely be renewing our licence.

It was great to see the students so engaged and pleased with themselves. Hollie went home on cloud nine!

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