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US schools

Lexonik Advance is the awarding winning teaching program which is having remarkable impact on literacy and learning across the curriculum.

Different from anything else on the market, the Lexonik literacy program raises literacy levels rapidly and dramatically, through prescriptive intensive teaching which addresses vocabulary deficit and raises confidence with English language acquisition, for a wide range of learners.  


I’m a New York cynic, but I’ve got to tell you, I’ve done my testing and this works. These students made significant progress.

Dr Randy Stafford, Walton County School District.


Using a combination of unique resources and instruction, Lexonik Advance improves reading proficiency, vocabulary and comprehension, accelerating learning for all.

With over 70,000 students taught to date, Lexonik is now available in schools in the US, providing the skills, knowledge and resources needed to raise attainment, engagement and access to further learning, opening up a greater range of life opportunities for students ages 10 and above.

Students are able to use what they’ve learnt in all areas of academic and social life once they’ve taken part in Lexonik Advance. The skills and learning tools they gain through Lexonik Advance give them confidence and a zest to learn.

Lexonik Advance also shows grade levels of improvement for learners who are achieving satisfactory grades, but have yet to reach their full potential. The impact that Lexonik Advance has on literacy and learning across all subjects means that grades can be boosted right across the curriculum.

If you’re looking to support your students to make grade levels of improvement, Lexonik will  help you to achieve that success!


What can I expect from Lexonik?

  • Raises literacy levels rapidly
  • Increases vocabulary, comprehension and confidence
  • Achieves grade levels of improvement

“As a speech language pathologist, I think Lexonik Advance is wonderful. It addresses the meaning of words and links that knowledge to additional vocabulary. Wonderful!

Speech Language Specialist, FL.

With a complete range of activities and exercises, Lexonik Cloud supports subject teaching in every classroom, right across the curriculum.

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What schools are saying about us

Lexonik Advance is achieving way beyond what I ever thought possible. I had faith, but results are simply incredible. These are not confident kids; they have had every intervention going, but this is a life changer.

With these results - why would you NOT do Lexonik Advance?

If I had known what you have just taught me today I would feel so much more confident with the English Language.

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